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      abundantly ad. in more than enough quantity 充足地

      alternative n. sth. that way take the place of another thing 替代物

      availability n. obtaining 获得

      commodity n. goods; sth. sold for profit 商品

      consultation n. exchange of opinions and ideas 商量;磋商

      contain v. hold 包住,装

      contribution n. the act of giving things or money 捐献

      convert v. change from one form or state to another 变换,转换

      cooperation n. working together for a common interest  合作

      core n. the central part 核心

      emerge v. come into being 出现

      emigration n. leaving one‘s own country in order to go and live in another 移居

      endeavor v. make an effort 努力

      factor n. element 因素

      fluctuate v. vary from one form or state to another 波动,起伏

      impact n. effect 影响

      innovation n. the introduction of sth. new 革新,创新

      level off come to a stop 停滞

      merger n. a joining of 2 or more firms, business companies, etc. 合并,联合

      objective n. purpose of a plan 目标,目的

      pace n. rate or speed of development  (发展的)速度,节奏

      predict v. see or describe a future happening in advance 预见,预言

      preserve v. keep safe from harm or danger 保护,防护

      release v. give off 释放,放出

      renewed a. of being repeated 重新开始的;(中断之后)继续的

      risky a. full of danger  危险的

      scarcity n. inadequate supply compared with demands 缺乏,匮乏

      specify v. mention exactly 详细介绍,详细说明

      speculate v. guess 推测,猜测

      storage n. keeping things in a place for later use 贮藏;贮存

      sustain v. support 支撑,支持

      tourism n. the business of providing tours for tourists 旅游业

      trend n. tendency 趋势,倾向

      various a. different from each other 各种各样的,各不相同的

      converter n. 变换器

      dietary a.饮食的

      geothermal a. 地热的

      geyser n. 间歇喷泉

      hydrogen n.氢

      lava n.熔岩

      radiation n.辐射

      saturation n. 饱和

      solar a. 太阳的

      thermal a.热的

      uranium n.铀

      UNIT 36



      adjust v. change slightly, esp. in order to make suitable for a particular job or new conditions 调整

      appraise v. judge the worth, quality, or condition of 估价,评估

      combine v. come together, unite, act together, or join together 结合,联合

      concentrate v. (cause to)come together in or around one place 集中

      contribute v. help in bringing about;have a share in 出一份力

      cooperative a. make, done, or worked by people acting together 合作的

      credit n. the sum of money placed at a person‘s disposal by a bank, etc.; advance or loan 存款;贷款

      currency n. the particular type of money in use in a country 货币

      defend v. keep safe from harm 防卫

      deflate v. reduce the supply of money (of) or lower the level of 紧缩(银根)

      disequilibria n. loss or lack of balance 失衡

      envisage v. have picture in the mind; imagine 设想,想像

      establish v. set up 建立

      evaluate v. calculate the value or degree of 估价,把…定值

      extreme a. the greatest possible 极端的

      fiscal a. of or related to public money, taxes, debts, etc. 财政的

      gallant a. courageous 有勇气的

      imply v. involve the truth of 意指,暗指

      institution n. a large society or organization 机构

      invest v. put money into something that will increase in value 投资

      lynchpin n. an important part 关键

      mitigation n. lessening the seriousness of 缓解,缓和

      nurture v. train, educate or develop 养育,培育,教养

      peg v. fix or hold at a certain level 固定,限定

      persist v. continue firmly 坚持

      premium n. money paid to an insurance company 保险费

      private a. personal; not shared with others 私人的,个人的

      proceeds n. money gained from the sale 收入,收益

      proportion n. a part or share 部份,份儿

      sound a. solid and strong 坚实的,稳定的

      sour v. turning out to be bad or wrong; disappointing 使变酸腐;使失望

      speculate v. buy or deal in goods , shares, etc. 投机

      stable a. not easily moved, upset, or changed; firm; steady 稳固的,稳定的

      subscribe v. give money to 捐助

      surplus n. (an amount ) additional to what is needed or use, as of money 余额

      float bands 发行债券

      parity n. 平价(指官定货币汇兑比值)

      softloan n. 软币贷款



      astronaut n. a person who travels through space in a space vehicle 宇航员

      astrophysics n. the scientific study of the chemical nature of the stars and the natural forces that influence them 天体物理学

      billow v. rise and roll in waves (波浪似地)翻腾

      breathtaking a. very exciting 激动人心地

      capture v. hold the interest of; captivate 引起(注意);迷住

      cataclysm n. a violent and sudden change or event 灾变,大变动

      churn v. (cause to) more about violently 剧烈搅动

      collaborate v. work together or with someone else 协作,合作

      collision n. the action of meeting and striking (together) violently 碰撞,冲突

      cosmic a. of or related to the whole universe 宇宙的

      cosmos n. the whole universe 宇宙

      crucial a. of deciding importance 决定性的,关键的

      devastate v. destroy completely 彻底破坏

      dimension n. a measurement in any one direction 尺寸,尺度,维

      distract v. take (a person or a person‘s mind) off sth. 分散,分心

      domesticate v. make…able to live with and serve man 驯化,使归化

      elliptical a. having the shape of oval 椭圆型的

      exquisite a. very finely made or done; sensitive and delicate 优美的,精巧的,敏锐的

      fragment n. a small broken piece 碎块,断片

      galaxy n. any of the large groups of stars which make up the universe 星系

      gigantic a. unusually large in amount or size 巨人似的,庞大的

      gravitation n. the act of drawing down 地心引力,吸引力

      horizon n. line at which earth and sky meet 地平线

      illuminate v. give light to 照亮,照明

      intricate a. containing many detailed parts and thus difficult to understand 复杂的,难懂的

      melancholy n. sadness, esp. over a period of time and not for any particular reason 伤感,忧郁

      mission n. the duty or purpose for which a certain group of people are sent 使命,任务

      momentous a. extremely important 重大的,重要的

      mothball v. be in storage  封存

      obscure a. hard to understand; not clear  昏暗的,模糊不清的

      observatory n. a place from which scientists watch the stars and other heavenly bodies 天文台

      opaque a. lasting for ever or for a long time 永恒的,不断的

      perspective n. a view, esp. one stretching far into the distance  前景,展望

      plausible a. seeming to be true or reasonable 似合理的

      potential a. existing in possibility  潜在的,有可能性的

      precision n. great exactness 精确,精密

      profound a. having, showing or suing thorough knowledge and deep understanding 深刻的,渊博的

      radiate v. send out (light or heat) 发射,散发(光,热等)

      redeem v. make a mends for 修复

      remarkable a. unusual, noticeable  非凡的,显著的

      satellite n. a heavenly body moving around a larger one (a planet) 卫星

      scramble v. move or clime quickly, esp. over a rough or steep surface 攀爬,攀登

      sear v. burn with a sudden powerful heat 烧焦,烧灼

      shroud v. cover and hide 覆盖,掩蔽

      smudge v. make or become dirty with a mark of rubbing 弄脏,涂污

      spectacular a. grandly out of the ordinary; attracting excited notice 壮观的,引人注意的

      spew v. come out in a rush or flood, gush 涌出,喷

      startling a. caused to jump or be quickly surprised 令人吃惊的

      stun v. cause to lose the senses or sense of balance 使晕眩unravel v. make clear 阐明,澄清

      vista n. a distant view, to which the eye is directed between narrow limits, as by rows of trees 远景,深景

      comet  n. 慧星

      multimegaton n. 数百尤吨级

      quasar n. 类星体

      ultraviolet n. 紫外线



      abandon vt. give up 放弃,废弃

      absorb v. take or suck in 吸入

      concentration n. bringing or coming together at one point 集中

      consume v. eat or drink; use or use up 吃光,喝光;消费

      consumption n. the act of consuming 消耗;消费

      contaminate vt. make dirty, impure or diseased 弄脏,污染

      convert v. change sth. from one form into another 使转化

      crucial a. decisive; of deciding importance 决定性的,紧要关头的

      dilemma n. a problem situation for which there is no desirable solution 困境

      discard v. get rid of as useless 丢弃

      disposable a. intended to be used once and then thrown away 一次性使用的

      dispose v. get rid of 除掉

      drastic a. strong, sudden and often violent or severe 激烈的,猛烈的

      dump v. throw or drop in a heap or carelessly 倾倒

      eliminate vt. remove; get rid of 除掉

      exceptionally a. unusually 异常的

      exhaust v. use up 耗尽

      foresight n. ability to see into the future 预见力

      hover n. remain in the air at one place 盘旋,翱翔

      impurity n. foreign material which make sth. unfit for use; the state of not being pure 杂质

      ingenious a. clever and skillful in doing or inventing sth. 灵巧的

      intensify v. make stronger or more serious 使强化;加剧

      invaluable a. too valuable for the worth to be measured 无价的

      junkyard n. a place where old useless things are discarded 垃圾场

      leftover n. remaining 剩余;残物

      manufacture v. make or produce by machinery, esp. in large quantities 制造

      orient v. give direction or guidance to 定…的位;调整

      purify v. make pure 提纯;纯化

      reusable a. that can be used again 可再利用的

      sludge n. thick mud; the product of sewage treatment 淤泥,污泥

      smokestack n. chimney used by factories to discharge smoke into the upper air 大烟囱

      stack n. a pile of sth., like lumber 堆,垃圾堆

      stumble vi. trip and almost fall 绊一脚,绊跌

      thereby ad. by that means; in that connection 由此,从而

      unsightly a. displeasing to the eye 不顺眼的;难看的

      vicious a. dangerous; cruel 险恶的

      wear out reduce to a useless state by use 磨损,用坏

      compressor n. 压缩机

      diaper n. 尿布

      toaster n. 烤面包器;烤面包电炉

      toothpaste tube 牙膏管;牙膏皮

      wrapper n. 包装物